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Is Kendall Waston the Best CB in MLS?

Aaron Ramsey has voiced his opinion, but how about you?

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Is Kendall Waston the best Center Back in Major League Soccer?

Well, if you ask Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, the answer is yes. Ramsey took to Twitter Thursday to drum up support to send the Vancouver Whitecaps Center Back to the MLS All-Star Game, calling Waston the best Center Back in the league.

It's something the Whitecaps official twitter feed had some fun with.

Just remember, every time you say Kendall Waston isn't the best CB in MLS, you're calling Aaron Ramsey a liar. Why would you do that?

What do you think, fans? Is Aaron Ramsey correct? Is Kendall Waston the best CB in MLS?

For some more Kendall praise, you can check out James Bufton's profile of Waston here.