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Tonight in Edmonton....SNOW!

FC Edmonton and Vancouver Whitecaps first leg of the semi-final of the Amway Canadian Championship has been postponed.

Amway Snow Day
Amway Snow Day

Despite it being May 6th, Edmonton is experiencing a snow storm. It is expected that 5-10 centimeters will fall throughout the day. While the Canadian Soccer Association tried to avoid postponement, that outcome appeared inevitable. Sure enough, by 1pm this afternoon it was confirmed that the game had been postponed.

The semi-final series between the Vancouver Whitecaps and FC Edmonton Eddies will now begin next week (May 13th), at BC Place, with the Whitecaps hosting the first leg and the Eddies hosting the return leg on May 20th. This could prove to be a great turn of events for the Whitecaps. If they are able to run up the score a bit at home, the outcome of the series may be a forgone conclusion, allowing many first-team Whitecaps to avoid traveling let alone suiting up.