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Whitecaps FC Expands Youth Program

Pre-residency expands into full-time school program; Bart Choufour joins as Pre-Residency and Academy Centres director and head coach.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced earlier this morning an expansion of the pre-residency program into a full-time school program and will join the U-18 and U-16 residency teams at Burnaby Central Secondary School.

Also joining the club is Bart Choufour, who will serve as both the director of the Pre-residency and Academy Centres and head coach.

Choufour originally joined the club in 1997 as the director of the Vancouver 86ers youth development program and then rejoined the club again in 2007.  The Haarlemmer has also spent time studying the development models of well-known Dutch clubs such as AFC Ajax and PSV Eindhoven as well as Bayer Leverkusen in Germany.

You can read more on this morning's announcement here.