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San Jose Announcement

It was confirmed today (okay a while ago) that I will be moving to San Jose in July....oh, and MLS also announced the 2016 All-Star Game....

MLS 2016 All-Star Game Announcement
MLS 2016 All-Star Game Announcement
Major League Soccer

Although known for a while now, I will be transitioning my career to San Jose this summer. Sadly, that means no more Vancouver Whitecaps home games for me (now to sell the rest of my season ticket). However, the news of my move to San Jose (I know you are all interested) comes with other news from MLS that the 2016 All-Star game will be held at the newly opened Avaya Stadium. What does that mean? Make sure to vote in plenty of Whitecaps players next season so that I can better enjoy the festivities and maybe interview a few of them for EightySix Forever!