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Report Card: FC Edmonton vs Whitecaps FC

After basking in the glow of a cup semi-final win for a day, it's time to get back to business and grade the 'Caps on their performances.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Cristian Techera: A

El Bicho seems to be beginning to find his feet with the Whitecaps. The new Uruguayan was buzzing all evening and caused Edmonton more problems than any other 'Caps player. After several consecutive poor corners to open the game, Techera found his groove and won the 'Caps a spot kick. He seems to share the South American penchant for foul embellishment, but I don't think Techera intentionally dove on the early call. Right now the only thing lacking from Techera's game is finishing, but with the number of chances he created there's no doubt that one of his shots is bound to find the back of the net soon.

Russell Teibert: B+

In the first leg against Edmonton, Teibert's absence was apparent. Not only was there a severe lack of blonde tipped man-buns, but the team could hardly string two passes together. This week the Canadian slotted back into the XI and helped the team maintain possession and build their attack. Of course, there were still periods of sloppy play and unnecessary long balls, but the team as a whole looked far more in control with the vice-captain on the pitch.

Tim Parker: B+

After the game I found myself wondering why is Pah Modou Kah starting over this guy. Parker has composure, pace, strength, and a David Ousted-esque leadership style (check out Parker's reaction after Daryl Fordyce's chance in the 59th minute). If I were Carl Robinson I'd have no problem giving Tim a run at centerback in MLS games. Despite all the bad luck the Whitecaps have had with their early round draft picks over the years, Tim Parker looks like the real deal.

Paolo Tornaghi: B+

Apart from the late penalty shot, Tornaghi was solid all night. Although there were no highlight reel saves, all the little things were done right. Crosses were claimed, shots were stopped, and Tornaghi's distribution was precise. It's unfortunate for him that David Ousted has been playing as well as he has, because I'm sure there are teams in MLS who would gladly take Tornaghi as their starter (cough cough... Philly... cough cough). However, from a Whitecaps perspective it can only give the team confidence knowing that a very capable back-up keeper is waiting in the wings.

Who do you think deserves recognition for last night's victory? Which players dragged the team down? As always, leave your comments and questions down below.