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The Whitecaps Starting XI

What is the go-to, preferred, Starting XI for the Whitecaps in 2015?

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Last night the Vancouver Whitecaps defeated the Philadelphia Union, with their highest goal output (3) and margin of victory (3) of the season. What may have been lost in all of the celebration is that the Whitecaps also started their 11th different lineup out of their 11 games this season; although, it must be noted that the Starting XI has been impacted by injuries (e.g., Rosales) and red cards (Morales & Laba). If Mauro Rosales is out for a few games, expect to see starting lineup number 12 next week against Seattle, with Cristian Techera assuming Rosales' position.

While the depth of the team has been a welcomed addition, allowing for squad rotation without a drop-off in quality of play, at some point this season, the Carl Robinson will have to determine player roles to some degree. Whether that means penciling in certain players to the lineup for certain matches (e.g., home versus away or CCL versus MLS) or using some players as regular late-game subs (e.g., Earnshaw) or defending a late lead (e.g., Koffie?).

With the Starting XI in mind, I turn to all of you with the questions: What is your current preferred Starting XI? and What is your end-of-year preferred Starting XI?

A note for this 'exercise': you can separate your lineup to MLS and/or VC/CCL or you can say 'Rosales 75% & Techera 25%' or something similar.