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Kekuta Manneh Interested in US Men's National Team

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A report from says Manneh has received interest from the USMNT, as well as Gambia

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you ever envisioned Kekuta Manneh following in the footsteps of Gershon Koffie and committing to the Maple Leaf, you'll have to set your sights elsewhere, as it appears Manneh has his heart set on one day joining the US Men's National Team. In an interview with ExtraTime  Radio, Manneh revealed he's in the process of obtaining his passport, aiming to receive it in August of next year.

At 20 years old, Manneh would immediately become one of the squads best prospects, although the report later says he's also been receiving interest from Gambia.

"If I have the chance, I would definitely want to play for the US, I definitely want to represent them," Manneh said in the interview. "I haven't decided if I want to play for the US or if I want to play for Gambia yet. It's a dream up there. But either choice would be great for me. I have family here, I have family in Gambia as well, so it would be great."

Manneh handles the interview like a true professional, later adding that all he's really focused on right is the Vancouver Whitecaps. For Manneh, the desire to play for the US seems to be a long time coming, as he's resided in Washington State since 2010.

The ranking of the US (32 in FIFA Rankings, as of writing) in comparison to Gambia (168) and Canada (116) would obviously make them the most attractive option for Manneh, and it sounds like they'd be happy to one day have him. If Manneh can work eventually work his way onto the squad, the Whitecaps would also benefit as it would only spread theirbrand and perhaps make more people south of the border aware of the team.

In any case, the report is a compliment to the Whitecaps scouting staff, and it should make fans excited for what's to come from the young striker.