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International Acquisition

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Whitecaps pick up coveted international roster spot.


A week ago, we reported that the Whitecaps were getting ready to sign 22-year-old Uruguayan winger Cristian Techera. However, there were so concerns about that move due to the lack of international roster spots available to MLS teams. Well, today's 'trade' might be a sign that the Whitecaps are set to announce the signing officially.

The Vancouver Whitecaps announced the acquisition of an international roster spot (through December 2016) from the New England Revolution. In return, the Revolution receive.......allocation money. As usual, we have NO IDEA what that accounts to, however, given the Latin spice that the Whitecaps appear to be focused on, this roster spot for the next two years is important.

As it currently stands, the Whitecaps now have 11 international roster spots.Those spots are occupied by Earnshaw, Flores, Lewis, Mezquida, Ousted, Rodriguez, Waston, Laba, Morales, and Rivero.