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Expectations for ThunderCaps?

The ThunderCaps are set to host their inaugural home game on Sunday against Toronto FC II, at ThunderBird Stadium. However, the ThunderCaps have already played 4 games this season and we have been able to get a bit of a taste of what they are all about.

Although it is important to acknowledge that all 4 games the ThunderCaps have played have been away games, they have begun the season with 1 win and 3 losses. In those games they have been outscored 8-3 and shutout in all 3 of their losses. They are averaging 6 shots per game while giving up 15. On the bright side, 23 players have seen minutes, including 3 keepers. So, while the game results have not been the best, the ThunderCaps have provided valuable minutes to fringe first-team players, youth players making the transition to the professional ranks, and draftees.

We wanted to take this opportunity to pose the question to you: What are your expectations for the ThunderCaps this season and beyond? What purpose do they serve in your eyes? Are the ThunderCaps just an opportunity to keep players fresh that are seeing few first-team minutes? Are they an opportunity to bridge the gap between the residency program and the first-team and to find hidden gems or work on 'pet' projects? Is this a team that you want to see challenging for the playoffs each year or is that just an added bonus? Are you expecting the ThunderCaps to field the most competitive team possible and challenge for the championship?

We want to hear what your thoughts are on the newest Whitecaps incarnation. Let us know in the comments and poll below.