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The Slow Start for Vancouver Whitecaps Back Line is Concerning

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The Whitecaps cast of defenders have been struggling to start 2015

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You knew we wouldn't have many positive talking points to toss around after the Vancouver Whitecaps stinker of a loss to the San Jose Earthquake over the weekend, and that sentiment hasn't changed. The Whitecaps looked ugly in almost all facets of the game, and put forth the most snooze-inducing efforts of the season so far. Further, we saw the continued struggles of the Whitecaps backline, who have yet to truly gel after some turnover from last season.

Center Back Pa Modou Kah has been a magnet for criticism this season, and a lot of it has been warranted. While he brings size and intimidation, Kah's passing, position and footspeed have all been questionable. One would think if Diego Rodriguez wasn't battling suspension and then injury that he would have ran with the position the minute he stepped foot in the starting lineup.

Fellow Center Back Kendall Waston hasn't been bad this season, but he has yet to reach the Superman-esque level of play he rose to once he joined the squad in 2014. With Kah and Waston failing to provide much as a pairing, the young Tim Parker may just get some serious minutes this season.

Then there's Steven Beitashour, the 28 year MLS Veteran that has been up and down to start 2015. The Right Back has been getting his feet under him the last few weeks, but still needs some work to get back to his usual level of contribution. The left side is in much better shape, with Sam Adekugbe looking more and more like the real deal everytime he steps on the pitch. The veteran Jordan Harvey is there for bench duty.

The Whitecaps have a great attack that will only get better once Cristian Techera arrives from Uruguay and Mauro Rosales heals up his ankle, and I really don't think scoring goals is going to be a consistent problem for the club to contend with.

Instead, I see major problems on the Whitecaps backline, although I think the problems can be worked out internally. I don't think the Whitecaps need to bring in defensive reinforcements immediately, but it should definitely be something Carl Robinson should be keeping an eye on as the season progresses.