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Match Report: ThunderCaps versus OC Blues

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…….huh…….what…….oh, you woke me from a deep sleep.

Being a ‘Caps fan this weekend was not the most exciting endeavour as both the Whitecaps and ThunderCaps put in stinkers while in California, with the ThunderCaps concluding the weekend losing 2-0 to the Orange County Blues.

The ThunderCaps got off to a similar start as their ‘parent’ with a yellow card being shown to Ethen Sampson, in the 4th minute. That proved costly as Sampson was sent off in the 34th minute after picking up his second yellow card. Although the ThunderCaps were able to hold the fort most of the game, the Blues finally scored in the 58th minute after the hustle of Dean was unrewarded with the ball remaining in-bounds and, shortly after, being deposited in the net. The ThunderCaps pressed in the last 10 minutes but the Blues were able to put the game away with their second goal, in the 93rd, on the counter attack.

Some interesting talking points from this game.

  • Carducci finally received a start for the ThunderCaps (he was injured previously) and looked good, coming up with a couple of important stops. Great to see him continue to develop and get important playing time.
  • Some have noted that Beitashour is the only Whitecaps player who really doesn’t have a competitor for his starting position. Coupled with his sending off in the 34th minute, Sampson has done little of late to create any type of competition.
  • Dean finally saw some time with the ThunderCaps, after being away with the US National Team. However, Dean played the game out on the left. I am not sure what to make of Dean these days. He seems to be getting the attention of the National Team but he cannot seem to crack the Whitecaps 18 and even when he plays for the ThunderCaps, he is played out of position. With his lack of time at CB and playing as a LB, where Sam seems to have that locked up for the Whitecaps and Harvey is backing him up, it appears that Dean’s future with the Whitecaps is up in the air. I am not sure where he fits in to future plans. Maybe he is learning the 3-back system as Robbo has noted his desires to have that as an option. What are your thoughts?
  • Not quite sure what to make of Caleb Clarke. He has played a few games now for the ThunderCaps and while he has been alright, there has not been much there to convince me that he should be getting time with the first team.

The ThunderCaps are now 1-0-2 and travel to Sacramento to take on the defending champions on Wednesday night. See you all then!