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Game On!

Surprise! We will have soccer on Saturday.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that Toronto FC will not escape their early season beating to begin their two months on the road as MLS and the Players Union have reached a tentative agreement. The new agreement is set for five years and includes ‘some’ free agency for players over 28 and having played at least 8 years of MLS service. There are provisos to free agency though as players will only be able to raise their salary by a specific percentage: 15% for those making over $200,000 to 25% for those making less than $100,000.

Another key component of the tentative agreement is the raising of the minimum salary for players. Last season, some players were making as little as $36,500. This new agreement will see the minimum raised to $60,000.

There will be more details let out over the next few days and we will try to update you as those come out. In the end though, the most important news is that Toronto FC will be starting the season 0-1!

See you all Saturday afternoon!!!!