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Vancouver Whitecaps Number 35!!!

Interesting piece on the top 500 clubs in CONCACAF

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Our friends over at BrotherlyGame, home of the Philadelphia Union, have been writing a few interesting pieces on the strength of CONCACAF leagues and clubs. The one that caught my attention was the one on the top 500 clubs.

The team at BrotherlyGame used some interesting mathematics to calculate their rankings. To summarize, they used the Elo rating system, developed to rank chess players and adapted to soccer in 1997. The rankings are based on over 22,500 games, over 35 countries from 2011 to December 2014.

Based on the rankings, the Vancouver Whitecaps were ranked 9th amongst MLS teams and 35th overall. For comparison purposes, Seattle Sounders were ranked 18th; Portland Timbers 22nd. Canadian rivals Montreal Impact and TFC were ranked 82nd and 83rd respectively.

What are your thoughts? With little knowledge of the rest of CONCACAF, are you happy with being ranked 35th? Does this even matter?