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Is fiction better than reality?

Just as the dust from #JerseyLeakGate is still settling, a fictional new Whitecaps uniform roams the internet. Is the amateur option better than the real one? You be the judge...

Yesterday, while giving a group of MLS players a social media training session, the MLS National Sales Centre (a sales training program) published some photos on their twitter feed. Unfortunately for this misguided poster, he or she overlooked the crucial detail that placed all the brand new, yet to be released 2015 MLS jerseys in the background. I am not even going to discuss the irony of this. Needless to say, the photos were quickly deleted but as we all know, the internet never forgets. The internet never forgives. Whitecaps FC supporter @VanCityVilla screen captured the photo and posted it in his own account.

This unfortunate mistake leaves us with two key takeaways: 1) MLS "Jersey Week" is officially a moot point now and 2) It confirms with fairly high degree of certainty that the Whitecaps jersey that was leaked last month will be in fact the new home kit for the next couple of years.

But the popularity of the next Whitecaps kit is not the main focus of this article. Just like science fiction fan have taken it upon themselves to create their own stories based on their favourite characters,  Twitter user @jakeanev has taken initiative and created his own renditions of the new uniforms for several MLS clubs, including the Vancouver Whitecaps. Here is what he came up with:

I must admit that I like his ideas quite a bit. I like the combination of white top and blue shorts and vice versa. I also like the idea of the arrow-like lines across the chest. I am not 100% sold on the collar but I can live with it. I find them simple and elegant but with just enough pizzazz to make them pop.

What are your thoughts? Does fiction surpass reality?