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FTBL Ep. 68 - Whitecaps vs Vikes from Victoria

An Eighty Six Forever round table chat about the Whitecaps win over the Vikes. Also Rituro prepares a special report featuring interviews with Carl Robinson, Marius Rovde, Sam Adekugbe and Marco Bustos.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This past week Mark and Jorge found themselves on the "wrong side" of the Salish Sea for the annual University of Victoria Vikings versus Vancouver Whitecaps friendly.

In the first segment Rituro hosts a round table with Mark, Jorge and their Eighty Six Forever colleague Alistair Ogden to discuss the Vikes vs. Caps match.

In the second segment Rituro presents his latest special report from Centennial Stadium featuring interviews with Caps' bench boss Carl Robinson, goalkeeper coach Marius Røvde, Marco Bustos and Sam Adekugbe.

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