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Lots to Like After Whitecaps Blow-out Victory

The Whitecaps trounced the UVIC 'Vikes 6-0 in their latest pre-season action.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the Vancouver Whitecaps wielding a popgun powered offense for almost all of 2014, you can forgive fans for getting a little excited about the 6 goal explosion against the University of Victoria Vikings that occurred over the weekend.

The Whitecaps pounced early, going up 3-0 before the game was even 20 minutes old. Even better, players that are expected to contribute heavily to the Whitecaps success this season, names like Rivero, Morales and Teibert, all found the back of the net.

Really, everything that could have gone right for the Whitecaps absolutely did.

We can feel positive about the match, but Whitecaps fans do need to temper their expectations just a little bit. When you consider the competition (A University squad playing an MLS one), this was a match the Whitecaps really shouldn't have had a problem winning. Six goals went into the back of the net, but a few (most blatantly, the Pedro Morales free kick), likely wouldn't have tickled twine against an MLS goalkeeper. I mean, it's not like Mr. Pawlowski got much help from his backline either.

Alright, now that I've crapped on everybody's parade, let's talk about what went right. First off, it looks like Whitecaps Captain Pedro Morales had a relaxing off-season, as he was absolutely drained at the end of the 2014 campaign. Mark Dailey handled the live feed for the match and made a similar observation.

Pedro Morales looked rested and fresh.  His crisp passing and creativity reminded me of the Morales we saw for three quarters of 2014.

If the pre-season is any indication, Morales will actually have help from the striker position this season, as Octavio Rivero has looked sublime. Again, we have to remember that he still hasn't played a minute of actual Major League Soccer yet, so he remains an unknown quantity.

Still, he has three goals in four pre-season matches and has looked like a confident goal scorer on the pitch. If he can step up to be the player the Whitecaps desperately need, it could do wonders for taking some of the pressure of returning youngsters like Darren Mattocks, Erik Hurtado and Kekuta Manneh.

Have any Whitecaps stood out for you so far this pre-season? Let us know in the comments.