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Match Stream: UVic Vikes vs. Whitecaps FC

Updates from Centennial Stadium as it happens

1:50pm - both teams just finishing their prematch warm-ups.  Kick off just minutes away!

Watch the live stream from Centennial Stadium here.

Starting XI Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Paolo Tornaghi (GK), Sam Adekugbe, Diego Rodriguez, Kendall Waston, Steven Beitashour, Russell Teibert, Matias Laba, Erik Hurtado, Pedro Morales, Marco Bustos, Octavio Rivero

Starting XI: UVic Vikes: Pawlowski, Ravenhill, Redpath, Murphy, Bhandal, Gorman, Taylor, Prette, Hundal, Stokes, Baart

Whitecaps start the match defending the goal at the north end of the pitch

4' - GOAL! Vikes 0 - 1 Whitecaps - Adekugbe brought down just outside the box.  Morales with a brilliantly taken free kick into the back of the Vikes' goal.

7' - GOAL! Vikes 0 - 2 Whitecaps - Teibert scores after the Vikes' backline has trouble clearing a Beitashour cross

14' - bit of a scramble in front of the Caps net.  Calmly guided out by Waston for a goal kick.

19' - GOAL! Vikes 0 - 3 Whitecaps - beautiful build up play from the Caps and brilliant finish by Bustos.

24' - still all Whitecaps.  Lovely cross from Adekugbe sails across the face of the UVic goal.

25' - dangerous looking cross from Hundal results in Vikes corner.  Scramble in front of Vancouver goal, but ball is eventually cleared.

27' - Rivero gets on the end of Hurtado's cross, but his attempt on goal goes wide

28' - GOAL! Vikes 0 - 4 Whitecaps.  Morales plays a beautifully weighted pass forward to Rivero.  Pawlowski gets a hand to is, but cannot stop the Uruguayan from scoring.

32' - UVic corner cleared by Rivero

33' - half chance for the Vikes, but the home side can't get a shot on the target

41' - Waston brings down Hundal just outside the Caps' 18.  FK to the Vikes in a very dangerous position.  Gorman sails the FK over Tornaghi's goal.  Opportunity missed for the Vikes.

45' - Offside!  More brilliant work from Cam Hundal, but the assistant referee has his flag up

HALF TIME: Vikes 0 - 4 Whitecaps

46' - and we're off!  Sampson in for Beitashour, Froese in for Hurtado.

49' - medical attention for Laba a collision in the Caps' midfield

55' - GOAL! Vikes 0 - 5 Whitecaps.  Rodriguez gets on the end of Sampson's cross to make it 5-0 for the visitors.

58' - Adekugbe's cross out for a corner.  Morales' corner sails through the area and the danger is cleared.

63' - substitution en masse for the Caps: Dean, McKendry, Piraux, Farmer, Earnshaw and Clarke all enter the fray for Vancouver.  Christian Dean wearing the captain's armband for the Caps.

69' - Sampson fouled on the edge of the area.  Bustos' free kick ricochets out for a corner.

Random thought: could the players Robbo currently has on the pitch could be a foreshadowing for the CONCACAF Champion's League or Voyageur's Cup?

72' - UVic has a shot at goal, but just misses the far post.

78' - GOAL!  Vikes 0 - 6 Whitecaps.  A diving Froese gets a head to Caleb Clarke's cross.  An all-homegrown goal right there, folks.

FT - Vikes 0 - 6 Whitecaps FC.  A big cheer from this large and enthusiastic crowd for both teams.

Postmatch thoughts:  Of course it is early days yet, but Octavio Rivero clearly looks a cut above the rest.  It will be interesting to see how he plays in the Simple Invitational next week.  Pedro Morales looked rested and fresh.  His crisp passing and creativity reminded me of the Morales we saw for three quarters of 2014.

I also noticed early in the match that Adekugbe and Beitashour were pressing quite high up, and the Caps were certainly using the full width of the pitch.

Teibert was his usual, energetic self, as was the leaner Erik Hurtado.  A much different outcome from last year when the Caps won the match on a late goal from Andre Lewis.