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ThunderCaps Update

With the start of the MLS season just around the corner, it is time to review news regarding the junior team

Whitecaps FC

One of the joys of the birth of VWFC 2 is that we get to cheer (and talk) about two teams and see what is coming down the pipeline for the Whitecaps senior team and the Canadian national team. With that in mind, here is a bit of a Thundercaps and USL (Pro) update.

  • The United Soccer League PRO has now removed the ‘PRO’ from their name and is petitioning to be classified as a Division II league, level with the North American Soccer League (NASL). This reflects USL’s minor league status for MLS.
  • Moving further to be MLS’s child, they have changed their logo, allowing for the customization for each league team.
  • As expected, the Thundercaps announced the hiring of Alan Koch as the first manager. I think this is a great hiring and should bode well for the development of the players. As noted by those who known Koch, he seems to love teaching and takes pride in developing young players. With the continued respect that Carl Robinson is receiving in Europe, do not be surprised to see Robbo return to the UK to coach a team there some time in the next five years. If that occurs, I will be curious to see if Koch is given the reigns of the senior team.
  • In addition to USL announcing the shortening of their name and starting the paperwork to be a Division II league, they announced that ALL games will be broadcast live on their YouTube channel –similar to last year. That is correct, if you cannot make it out to Thunderbird Stadium you can watch each game on YouTube. So, make sure to go subscribe to USL’s channel. I am unclear whether it will just be a stream or whether announcers will a part of the package, however, this will be a great opportunity for us to keep tabs on the young team and gives us another game to watch each week!
  • If you can make it to the ThunderCaps home games, season tickets start at $118, with their first home game being agaist Toronto FC II on April 19th, at 3pm.
  • Finally, the ThunderCaps make their USL debut on March 29th, at 4pm, against Sounders FC 2. Hopefully there will be a contingent that heads down to Seattle to cheer on the lads in their first ever game!

Are you excited about the addition of the ThunderCaps to the Whitecaps stable? Plan on attending any games? Let us know!