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Cup vs Shield: Which Do You Want to Win First?

As a Whitecaps fan, which trophy do you want the Whitecaps to win first? The MLS Cup or the Supporters Shield?

Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

This topic is incited from a discussion in another post in which the question was posed which 'championship' do Vancouver Whitecaps fans covet the most? MLS Cup or Supporters Shield?

North American sporting tradition is based around a playoff method, with the regular season being a preamble to determine who makes the playoffs and the seedings for said playoffs. However, traditionally, club soccer has been based solely on the league season, with no playoff structure. The year-end winner is the team that performs the best over the period of the regular season. You could argue that the domestic league cups of many leagues take the place of the North American playoff structure.

The traditions of global soccer and North American sports places MLS in an interesting position of deciding which model they want to follow. Their answer has been to do both. They have the Supporters Shield to represent the best team over the period of the season and they have the MLS Cup to represent the best team in the playoffs. Arguments have been made for which championship is more 'valuable' and/or more coveted by fans. One could argue that the Supporters Shield is more valuable due to the consistency required to win it (just ask the Whitecaps). However, one could also argue that the point of the regular season is to work out the kinks and peak at the right time. After all, that has always been the argument for LA Galaxy who tend to start slow but 'peak' in September and beyond. That is, the veterans know when to turn it on and go full out and when to be conservative and save their energy. Both are acceptable arguments.

We turn to Whitecaps fans to get your take on this question of which trophy is more coveted by asking 'Which Trophy Do You Want the Whitecaps to Win First'. Let us know in the poll and your argument for your choice in the comments.