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MLS Cup: Who Ya Got?

The Final is set. Columbus Crew will host the Portland Timbers. Let us know your thoughts.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The MLS Cup Final is set and it pits surprise Portland Timbers against host Columbus Crew. After the first leg of the Conference Finals, it was clear that the two favourites were in trouble but I believe few fully counted out the Red Bulls or Dallas, both playing at home. However, neither was able to overcome their deficit to advance to the final. And so, we have our unexpected final.

I am conflicted. On one hand I am disappointed that the Whitecaps were eliminated while on the other, I am happy to see a Cascadia team (not named Seattle) with a chance to win the Cup. It would be better if Porter was not their coach...but we can't have it all right. In addition, I always feel better when the team that eliminated my team makes it to the final. It makes the loss a bit easier to swallow. I can tell myself 'well, we lost to the best team, so maybe we are actually the second best team, we just did not get the chance to show it'. Yeah, maybe that is just cognitive dissonance. Nevertheless, it is helpful.

To put into perspective how much of a crap shoot getting to the MLS Cup Final is, recall that two months prior to the conclusion of the regular season it appeared that Portland had little hope of making the playoffs while Porter's job was certainly in jeopardy. Then, in the one-game playoff elimination, they are GIFTED a win thanks to the improbable double-post save. I mean really, how likely is that to happen. Sporting KC had multiple opportunities in that shootout to win and failed to capitalize. Nevertheless, Portland is in and looking to bring the MLS Cup to the Cascadia region. This begs the question, are you cheering them on or does it not matter, now that the Caps are eliminated?

Let us know in the poll and in the comments. Who do you WANT to win? Who do you THINK will win? Do you care? Will you watch the game?