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Report: Whitecaps Permanently Acquire Deybi Flores

Reports are the club have locked Flores up long term

Rich Lam/Getty Images

It looks like Deybi Flores will be sticking around with the Vancouver Whitecaps for a while longer. A report from, which is the website for the Honduran team that loaned Flores to Vancouver, says the Whitecaps have agreed to a long term deal with the youngster.

The article says the deal is for five years.

Here's a portion of it, courtesy of a very crappy google translate.

The youth arrived at 17 Motagua in 2013, made 21 appearances in 2 championships, was on loan with option to purchase in February of this year.  A few weeks ago came on holiday to the country and today the Board of Motagua and Vancouver Whitecaps have reached a financial agreement

Interestingly enough, the report also states there is no money being swapped between the two sides in the deal. Instead, if Flores is sold again, Motagua will get a portion of that sale. Keep in mind nothing has been confirmed by the Whitecaps.

Flores didn't play a ton during his first season with the Whitecaps, and the minutes he did get were up and down at best. With that being said, he showed some glimpses of brilliance and is just 19 years old. If the Whitecaps really have locked him up long term, it would be great to see how he can develop in a Whitecaps uniform.

Flores finished the season with nine total appearances, including five starts. He played a total of 446 minutes, although he wasn't able to crack the scoresheet.