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FTBL Ep. 62 - Brand New Year, Brand New Rants

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Start the New Year right with healthy doses of player ranting, Whitecaps news and MLS mockery!

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Omar Salgado made no friends in Vancouver with his latest interview
Omar Salgado made no friends in Vancouver with his latest interview
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Mark and Jorge return from the Christmas break to ring in the new year with a new episode.  Tonight the guys are joined by podcast DP, Rituro, to discuss the Vancouver Whitecaps' signing of Octavio Rivero, and the fantasic news that 9 Whitecaps have been called up to Canada's U-20 team.

After all the good news there is time for some ranting including Rituro telling us what he really thought of Omar Salgado's parting shot to the Whitecaps in an interview with, and a lively discussion of the Frank Lampard debacle and Steven Gerrard to MLS rumors.


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