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FTBL Ep. 64 - #InRobboWeTrust

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The news of the newest Vancouver Whitecaps signing have been received with more criticism than enthusiasm among the supporters. Are we willing to give Pa Modou Kah a chance?

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Newest Whitecap Pa Modou Kah has received a fair share of criticism
Newest Whitecap Pa Modou Kah has received a fair share of criticism
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

In episode 64 Rituro and Jorge discuss the addition of Pa Modou Kah, the extension of Carl Robinson, the Whitecaps in Victoria, the new turf for BC Place and the news about the Thundercaps.

In the second part of the show, they open the mailbag and they talk about key additions to the TFC and Impact squads and they dissect the Canadian U-20 failure to qualify to the U-20 World Cup.

Whether we like the new signings or not, we must always remember that #InRobboWeTrust


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