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Thundercaps Name Their Manager?

Have the Whitecaps identified the first manager of their new USL-Pro team Whitecaps FC 2?

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

With the SuperDraft out of the way, and the U-20 qualifying coming to a heartbreaking conclusion for Canada, it is time for the Vancouver Whitecaps to direct their focus towards their new USL-Pro team WFC2 (a.k.a. Thundercaps). One of the most fundamental components of the new team remains outstanding: a head coach.

It has been a bit surprising that not a peep has come out of the Whitecaps camp, identifying a potential coach for the junior side, especially with the season beginning in two months. Marc Weber of The Province has reported that the new coach may be none other than Simon Fraser University’s Alan Koch.

The potential hiring of Alan Koch makes sense given his experience and success dealing with college-aged players. Reaching the NCAA Final Four (Division II) in both 2012 and 2013, Alan Koch has shown his ability to take young players and get them to gel and improve. In addition, Koch has been a consultant throughout the MLS SuperDraft process, acting as a college scout. In my eyes, this appeared to be an audition for the coaching position to ensure that Robinson and Koch were on the same page and that Koch had some input on players who are most likely to be a part of WFC2 this season. Regardless to whether Koch becomes the first manager of the Thundercaps or another name is announced, Robinson said that the coach would be known by the end of this week.

The ThunderCaps will play 28 games in their inaugural season, starting in mid-March, with 14 games taking place at UBC’s Thunderbird Stadium. Make sure to get out to a few games and support the future of the Whitecaps senior team and, hopefully, the national team.