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Hey You! Yeah, We are Talking to YOU.

An opportunity for us to thank all of you for your continued support of the blog and for those new to introduce themselves.

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A new year is upon us and Eighty Six Forever staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for a very successful 2014 that included plenty of growth and great posts from everyone. As 2015 begins, we want to acknowledge the largest contributors over the past year and encourage everyone here to make this upcoming year even better and more successful. Without further ado we highlight the most frequent article writers and comments from 2014 and provide an opportunity for new blog readers to introduce themselves and become one of the regulars!

Most FanPosts

Spencer Phinney (32): Thanks for the regular ‘guess the score’ post prior to each game. We hope that you will continue to post them prior to every game this season and maybe we can keep a tally of how people do at predicting the scores each game and maybe expand it a bit to include goal scorers….or whatever you can come up with. Spencer has already begun his 2015 campaign with his analysis of the Whitecaps season schedule

Chris Corrigan (10) & John Andress 1 (7): Thanks for all the wonderful posts about important topics such as John Andress 1’s post on ‘Whitecaps’ Ownership Unfairly Criticized’ and Chris’ on ‘Winning Silverware’ and ‘Why the CONCACAF Championship Matters’.

Most FanShots

Chris Corrigan (6): Sadly, FanShots are not utilized much on this blog, but we are thankful to Chris (and JonSzekeres with 4) for his contributions to this section of the blog. Hopefully we will see more FanShots in the upcoming season and we encourage all of you to join in and publish your own.

Most Comments

While we want to thank everyone for their contributions, as every post does provide a valuable contribution, we wanted to acknowledge the top posters from the previous year. Maybe it will be an incentive for blog members to either maintain their ‘position’ or overtake others. Or, it might just make some of us realize how much time we spend on this blog. Our top 5 are as follows.

1. Chris Corrigan: 1145 Comments

2. PLarue: 850 Comments

3. John Andress 1: 510 Comments

4. Rob R. Scott: 482 Comments

5. Rituro: 358 Comments

As I noted above, we have started the new year off with a bang! There has been plenty of activity on this blog in the first 10 days of 2015. In fact, there has been more activity here than some of you might realize. On January 3rd, I posted an article on the Scoring Issues of the Vancouver Whitecaps that included a poll. Within the first 48 hours, there had been 156 votes. Over the last week, there have been 219 votes. That is very impressive! Sadly, we do not have as many people commenting. As an Eightysix Forever visitor over the past year, I have found that there are times I feel like posting and times I do not. However, we encourage all of you who do not post often to take this opportunity to introduce yourself and hopefully get you going on being a regular poster as we would love to hear from all of you!

With the idea of providing an opportunity for new members, or just readers, to participate, even just once, we encourage everyone who reads this to post a reply introducing themselves. Maybe where you are located, whether you are a season ticket holder, how many games (if any) you attend each year, how long have you been a Whitecaps supporter, and how long have you been visiting this blog. So, let’s hear from all of you. After all, are you okay with TFC having more people commenting on their blog than VWFC has? I think not! If we cannot beat them in the Voyagers Cup, at least help us make YOUR blog more active!