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Poll: Do the 'Caps Young Strikers Have a Long-Term Future Here?

With the Whitecaps recent scoring woes, do you still believe in our young strikers?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I don't have to go over the scoring woes, they're well documented. Well, okay, just a few. First, the Whitecaps haven't scored a goal in four matches. Kenny Miller is listed as the fourth-leading goal scorer on the club, tied with Kekuta Mannheh with three, and he hasn't been with the club since May. Darren Mattocks hasn't scored in five matches, Kekuta Mannheh hasn't scored since May, Erik Hurtado hasn't scored since June, and Sebastian Fernandez hasn't scored since July. Then there's Omar Salgado, who hasn't scored at all.

While Carl Robinson has admitted the team has some issues to work out, he's also steadfastly proclaimed that this is a long term process. True enough, the players are young enough that these dry spells could just be blips in their careers and not a sign of something bigger. I don't think anybody is ready to give up on a player like Kekuta Manneh, but is faith really that strong in all of his companions? Do you still believe in players like Mattocks, Hurtado, or Salgado?

On the one hand, these kids could all snap out of it and bring back that same type of relentless attacking as earlier in the season. They haven't come close to hitting their prime yet, and this is just one step in their careers. On the other, the Whitecaps and their fans want to win now, and some of these guys might just be too far off in their development. In that case, being offered up as trade bait may be a better option.

What do you think? The Whitecaps have a plethora of young strikers, do you believe they have a long-term future with the club?