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FTBL Podcast Episode 45: Chopped Down by the Timbers

The Vancouver Whitecaps recorded their second loss in as many weeks. After an embarrassing home loss, what's next for the boys in Blue and White? How will the remainder of the season go? We discuss this and more in Episode 45.

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The Vancouver Whitecaps fell 3-0 against the Portland Timbers in a loss that really cut deep into Mark and Jorge's hearts and hopes for the 2014 season. They have an extended discussion in which they aren't shy about venting their feelings on the game, the season and the playoff hopes in this last stretch. They also talk about the possible USL Pro team in New Westminster and other world football news.

They also reference this report from back in February to compare where the team were then and where they are now.

Show Notes:

Falcao joins United
Premier League completed transfers
New Westminster closer to reality

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