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Whitecaps to Sign Kendall Waston?

Rumors are swirling the Whitecaps are closing in on Costa Rican Center Back Kendall Waston

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Update: According to TSN, it's official. Waston has also made the necessary changes to his twitter page.

Do you know who Kendall Waston is? According to some reports, he just may be the newest member of the Vancouver Whitecaps. Not a whole ton of information on the kid, although he was in the conversation for some World Cup experience in Brazil, and


First sought out by AFTN, it appears it's just a matter of time for this to be confirmed officially by the Whitecaps. The report cites Waston's (now apparently former) Head Coach for Deportivo Saprissa in the Costa Rican FPD as confirming Waston's move to MLS, and the Whitecaps.

A quick google translate gives us the choice quote:

Purple coach himself, Ronald Gonzalez confirmed the departure of Waston in the conference post game press.

"This is the last game of Waston in the Saprissa team owners have decided that Kendall go to the MLS" Gonzalez said.

The helmsman purple beyond regret the departure of a key man, said this time to seek new figures.

"Kendall is important, but there are other players who must face this paper, it is an opportunity for everyone," said Ronald.

Nothing confirmed from the Whitecaps yet, although plenty of people are chattering about the potential signing on twitter.

One thing we do know about Waston, at least according to his Wikipedia page, is that the dude is pretty big at 6'5, and that's always a nice element to add to the lineup. Anyways, like any rumor, we'll just have to wait and see if it's ultimately true. What do you all think?