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#WeLovePedro: Reason #28

Everyone (and I mean everyone) wants to play with our Chilean Maestro

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

While fans of the Vancouver Whitecaps were still celebrating the Kendall Waston signing with fist bumps and high-fives, the faithful were then surprised by the rare in-game signing of Igor Juliao, who defected from the ranks of Sporting Kansas City in the 17th minute of Sunday's match.  Juliao, who had never scored a goal in his senior career, found himself at the end of yet another spectacular pin-point pass from CAM Pedro Morales.  The young Brazilian calmly nodded the ball past his former teammate, Andy Gruenebaum, to score on his Whitecaps debut much to the delight of his new (temporary) teammates and fans.  Once the cheering (and jeering) from the stands subsided Juliao suddenly remembered which team he really plays for, but his sheepish mea culpas were but a small consolation for a Sporks team that eventually lost the match 2-0.

Come on guys admit it (you're amongst friends here after all): if you found yourself at the end of such a tantalizing Morales pass wouldn't you be inclined to do just the same as Juliao?  I know I couldn't pass that opportunity up and it's just another example of why #WeLovePedro (Reason #28).


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