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MLS Fantasy Roundup 2014 - Round 17

In which we learned the Chivas USA bandwagon has plenty of room and Houston really is nothing without Brad Davis.

Are you not entertained?!
Are you not entertained?!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

If I may be so bold as to quote last week's roundup:

When it comes to fantasy studs, Erick Torres is one name that keeps popping up as the season goes on. With Chivas on a double-game week, there's no reason not to have Cubo in your lineup. That same logic also applies to goalkeeper Dan Kennedy, who is dirt cheap to boot.

Nailed it. Cubo scored a golazo (made even better by the Spanish language commentary) against the Montreal Impact to cap off a two-goal week worth a big 14 points to fantasy managers. Erick Torres ($8.8m) wasn't the biggest earner on Chivas USA, though; that honour goes to both Dan Kennedy ($4.4m) and Carlos Bocanegra ($6.9m), both of whom logged 15 points on the back of two clean sheets in the same week. I guarantee you nobody in their right mind predicted a double-clean sheet for the Goats, though if you were smart enough to have Kennedy in goal and captained you undoubtedly made yourself look like quite the prognosticator. Does this mean it's time to hop aboard the roomy, rarely-used Chivas USA bandwagon? In Cubo's case, yes, though that's only if you haven't found a way to get him into your lineup already. In the backline's case, only Kennedy warrants holding onto for the time being. Chivas' performances against Vancouver this week and D.C. United next week will be the ultimate litmus test; if the Rojiblancos show well, dive in while the prices are cheap.

In the interest of fairness, let's also quote another part of last week's article:

As mentioned in the pre-World Cup roundup, the quarantine zone has been painted orange for its new tenant, the Houston Dynamo. The wheels have truly come off the bus, which is also on fire and teetering over the edge of a cliff. Don't buy, is what I'm saying.

...nailed it? In my defense, that statement was made in reference to the Dynamo sans Brad Davis ($10.4m). Now that Davis is back from international duty, Houston have magically found the will to live and gave the New York Red Bulls all they could handle. I still can't recommend anyone in orange for the time being, save Davis if his magic touch continues to produce all manner of fantasy points.

Speaking of producing fantasy points, only one member of the Eighty Six Forever fantasy league managed to do so into the triple digits. That would be Caleb James, manager of the Caps Lock-friendly DGWS 4 DA WIN, who scored the sixth-best total in the entire fantasy manager game with his Round 17 score of 110:


I may not be the biggest supporter of Jordan Harvey ($7.3m) but I will say this: given a choice between Harvey and Nick Hagglund ($5.1m), I will play Harvey every time. It's a minor quibble - seven points versus three - but it's about the only criticism I can find with Caleb's stellar roster. Captain Cubo and the Chivas backline carried the bulk of the load, though strong performances from Pedro Morales ($8.8m) and Harrison Shipp ($7.0m) shouldn't be discounted. Well done, Caleb!

The Round 18 schedule is a calmer one than most, with FC Dallas on a bye week and no teams with double-game weeks (in league play, at least):


Good Buys:

  • The Colorado Rapids under-performed against the Columbus Crew, only registering a 1-1 draw thanks to an own-goal and a solid performance from Clint Irwin ($4.7m). While I don't expect Colorado to fare as poorly against the Philadelphia Union, I will gladly extol the virtues of Irwin as I expect him to be able to keep Philly's attackers at bay.
  • Bradley Wright-Phillips ($8.4m) passed the 100-point marker in MLS Fantasy Manager with his brace against the Dynamo last week. He's also atop the golden boot race with 14. His next opponent is the which-defense-shows-up-this-time Columbus Crew. Get Wright-Phillips on your team now.
  • It won't be a fun day for defenders in this weekend's Cascadia tilt, as I expect forwards and midfielders from the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers to continue their less-than-pleasantries with one another from the midweek U.S. Open Cup match. If I had to pick one side over the other, I'd lean towards Seattle, as their starting eleven will likely be bolstered by the returns of Osvaldo Alonso ($7.1m), Gonzalo Pineda ($7.5m), Clint Dempsey ($10.3m) and DeAndre Yedlin ($7.3m).

Bad Buys:

  • The Sporting Kansas City pain train continues as Eric Kronberg ($5.0m) is out for two months with a broken finger. It's a shame, as Kronberg's 78 fantasy points put him fifth among all keepers. Time to sell.
  • So, we can still agree the Montreal Impact are not going to be making any waves any time soon, right? I mean, sure, they have some sort of rumoured deal with Olivier Occean but that's nowhere near confirmed (yet) and not going to solve all of their numerous issues at once. Losing Hernan Bernardello certainly isn't helping things.
  • Despite a life-saving injection of Brad Davis, the Houston Dynamo remain in quarantine. Handle with extreme caution and care.

Agree? Disagree? Have an extended theory you'd like to bounce off me? Leave a comment below or, in a rare occurrence, tell me in person. I'll be at the Vancouver-Chivas match this Saturday, sitting in Section 204, Row T, probably cramming my face full of mini doughnuts. Mmmm, mini doughnuts...