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Fernandez Fined for Flop

MLS has fined Sebastian Fernandez an 'undisclosed amount'.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

In my report card post, I mentioned that I was just a tad disappointed in the actions of Sebastian Fernandez, a player who appears to have lots of potential on the field, but is also the kind of guy that slaps his own face to try a draw a penalty. I mean, what's the strategy there?

Anyways, apparently MLS agrees with me, as they came down with a fine of an 'undisclosed amount.' Fernandez makes $143,000 this season, so you would think a fine is going to hurt, and hopefully it will be the last time he tries a move like that again.

After the match, my half drunk friend suggested (yelled loudly) that Fernandez should be punished by Carl Robinson, perhaps with some time on the bench. I don't know about that, because at the end of the day, he's getting his paycheque docked, he embarrassed himself on national TV, and now he has weird websites like Eighty Six Forever writing about him.

Trust me, he's suffered enough. Robinson even made some choice comments in the media, so if the kid hasn't learned his lesson by now, I doubt a benching will do much of anything. Forgive and forget.