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Whitecaps at Timbers: Report Card

Some good performances, some bad, and one ugly flop get graded by Eighty Six Forever.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

It was an exciting, nerve-wracking, hair-pulling kind of a night, but for once, the Whitecaps actually came out on the right end of MLS officiating. Is this what karma feels like? In a night where seven goals were scored, a few names stood out amongst the 'Caps starting 11. Although if your name is Nigel Reo-Coker, that's not a good thing.


Oh Nigel. Dear sweet Nigel, we all want you to do well so bad. We want to see you earn that $400,000 salary, to become the dynamic force you were last season. However, that looks about as possible as Russell Teibert getting a normal haircut. An absolutely putrid performance for Reo-Coker in the RB spot, especially disappointing considering that this is when he should be playing his best, as he tries to earn his way back into a regular starting spot.

The lone saving grace for Reo-Coker is the news that Steve Beitashour will be going to the World Cup with Iran, and is going to miss some playing time. Perhaps that means Reo-Coker will get another chance at redemption, although that's all up to Carl Robinson.


Yes, they were both penalties, but at the end of the day, that doesn't matter. Morales cooly slotted home both shots, and was a driving factor in the Whitecaps success, harrowing as it was near the end. Morales was involved in all four Whitecap goals, and may just usurp the 'best player on the team' moniker from Matias Laba. His pass to Hurtado for the kid's fourth goal in as many matches was a quick thinking thing of beauty.


Though three goals against in a single match is never going to be a bright spot on your resume, Jordan Harvey had a quietly solid match. On a whole, the backline had an off-night, after all. One thing we perhaps don't give Harvey credit for is his offensive instincts, yet they were on display in Portland. There was, of course, the goal:

We here at 86forever often bemoan that he wasn't fit to take over for Alain Rochat. If he keeps scoring goals, then it's going to be pretty hard to keep complaining.

SEBASTIAN FERNANDEZ: E for embarrassing.

I really, really dislike flopping in any sport. I understand it's a part of the game in soccer, but Sebastian Fernandez pulled a really blatant, obvious, and frankly, classless flop against the Timbers, undoubtedly losing a few fans in the process. He's got oodles of potential and has scored a few nice goals this season, but I sincerely hope Carl Robinson sat the kid down and told him never to pull crap like that again.

For those who didn't see it