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YP Lee Is Apparently Good at Everything

Former All-Star defender? Yep. Current World Cup psychic? Yup.


Though he only played two seasons for the Vancouver Whitecaps, YP Lee firmly established himself as one of the biggest fan favourites in Whitecaps history, picking up a team MVP award in his first year, and moving to a front office position following the second, and final season in a Whitecaps kit. Though he wasn't as good in 2013, Lee was the anchor of the 'Caps backline in 2012, and commanded a ton of respect throughout the league in both years. That, of course came after a long, and prestigious career, where he represented his country on the national stage multiple times.

Charmed life, right? Well, he's not slowing down in retirement. According to this report from a blog on the Wall Street Journal online, Lee is absolutely tearing it up with his World Cup predictions while he's doing a stint as a broadcaster on State TV Channel in Korea.

The more that I think about it, the more I believe YP Lee is Batman. Or James Bond. Or some kind of hybrid.