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FTBL Podcast Episode 29: The Matias Laba Show

Are you wondering where is Mark Dailey? In his second consecutive one-man show, Jorge Mendozolo hints out an answer to the burning question: Where in the world is Mark Dailey?

Matias Laba with arguably his best showing as a Vancouver Whitecap
Matias Laba with arguably his best showing as a Vancouver Whitecap
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

With Mark still not in the starting...eerr.... II, Jorge Mendozolo is able to gush about the young Argentinean DP Matias Laba as he quickly rises through the standings to become the Whitecaps MVP of the first third of the 2014 season.

Jorge reviews the magnificent road win in Columbus and previews the second leg of the Voyageurs Cup Semifinal against Toronto FC. Want to win tickets to the Toronto FC game courtesy of From the Backline and Eighty Six Forever? Follow FromTheBackline on Twitter for more details.

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