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Three Questions With: Burgundy Wave

Everyone's favorite feature is back! 86forever talks with Burgundy Wave Managing Editor Chris White about Vincente Sanchez, the Rapids' record so far, and those already legendary uniforms from April Fool's day.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of surprises already in this very young MLS season (I'm looking at you 3-0-0 Columbus), but one of the more overlooked ones has to be the play of the Colorado Rapids. Despite having to face a trio of tough teams in three straight weeks, the Rapids are a respectable 1-1-1.

However, now they have to come into BC Place and try to win one on the road versus the 'Caps. Chris White from SB Nation sister blog, The Burgundy Wave dropped by to share his thoughts on the upcoming tilt.

86FOREVER: The Rapids had a tough schedule to open things up (NY, Portland, SKC), but they managed well and sit at 1-1-1. Does the record reflect their performance, or did the Rapids deserve better or worse?

CHRIS WHITE: Honestly, 1-1-1 is a perfectly reasonable record for this team considering how they've played so far. The Rapids haven't been completely outclassed in any of their three games thus far, and have played incredibly well at times. Unfortunately, they've been prone to shaky finishing even though chances come often and the occasional defensive mishaps have given up a bad goal or two. More wins than one out of those three games would probably have been flattering, but more than one loss certainly wasn't deserved.

86F: Vincente Sanchez is off to a flying start with four goals already. What's he doing so well?

CW: His success has at least partially been related to the fact that he's the best penalty kick taker on the team. No, really. Colorado has scored five goals so far this year, all from penalty kicks, and Sanchez took four of the five. (The fifth, scored by Deshorn Brown, is technically the only goal from the run of play so far this year because the 'keeper saved the penalty before Brown knocked in the rebound!)

Sanchez really has been the MVP of the team so far, goals aside. He has a touch of class when the ball is at his feet that is a step above many in MLS, and his passing and vision are both immaculate at their best. He is probably going to spend the year mostly being a supersub for the Rapids, and he'll continue to quietly pile on points as the year goes along.

86F: Any chance we can see those April fools' uniforms become a reality for the Rapids?

CW: CBS Denver actually had a poll asking Coloradans if they would rally to get the team to wear the Caribous shirts and shorty shorts for a real game, and the final tally was something like a 95% vote for 'Yes'. Unfortunately, it's never going to happen because those were the real shirts from the Caribous back in the day, which are mostly made of leather and wool.

Understandably, the players aren't too thrilled with the prospect of a leather and wool uniform during an in-game situation. We have been lobbying to get some sort of Caribou throwback shirt at some point, even if it won't have that wonderful fringe because Adidas are no fun.