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Who's in Your Ring of Honour? (with poll)

The Vancouver Whitecaps recently announced they're taking a page out of the Canucks book, by launching their own 'Ring of Honour' at BC Place. The first four inductees include Bob Lenarduzzi, Carl Valentine, Domenic Mobilio, and Andrea Neil.

Kim Stallknecht

By now, you've heard of the Whitecaps plans to launch their own 'Ring of Honour' at BC Place, giving well deserved recognition to four people that have played a huge role in the history of Vancouver soccer. You can check out Mark Dailey's piece here, but the 'Coles Notes' version is that Bob Lenarduzzi, Carl Valentine, Domenic Mobilio and Andrea Neil have all gotten the nod.

I think the selections are all spot-on, but it did get me thinking about the next wave of admissions. It's a pretty simple question; who would you like to see up in the ring the next time around?  We've got a couple of suggestions if you're having trouble kick-starting your 'Caps memory.

Willie Johnston (1979-80, 82)

While he didn't have a long tenure in the city of Vancouver, Johnston became a fan favourite for some of his legendary antics. The beer swig before the corner kick against the Earthquakes?  The mooning incident against the Sounders?  Plus, he helped the club capture the 1979 NASL championship against the New York Cosmos.

"King" Kevin Hector (1978-80)

Another member of the '79 championship team, and another player that didn't stay in a Whitecaps kit for long.  still, Hector scored an impressive 39 goals in 63 appearances for Vancouver, including 15 in '79. That was following a 21 goal campaign the year previous, in which he among the top goal scorers in the league.

YP Lee (2011-2013)

Yes, he may be very recently retired, but you have to remember how monumental the signing of YP Lee was for this club. He was a marquee name that instantly made the Whitecaps a better side. While his final season with the 'Caps was a tad disappointing, Lee was unbelievable in his first.

Now, before you bombard me with, "HOW COULD YOU FORGET ______?" Remember, I'm just throwing a few examples out there. Who else would you like to see get inducted into the Ring of Honor? Ball, Beardsley, Grobbelaar, Sebrango, Wilson; there are plenty of names that deserve to be tossed around.