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Whitecaps News and Notes

John Thorrington retires, and a couple of Whitecaps snag awards

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

  • Pedro Morales has been the talk of Vancouver since his passing clinic in the Whitecaps win over the Dynamo on Saturday, so it's fitting that he was named to the MLS team of the week. His brilliant passes and creativity were enough to land him on the list, and I'd say it was very well deserved.
  • He had a quieter match, but the goal he scored was enough to vault Jordan Harvey onto the list. Harvey has shown a knack for scoring goals as a defender, and was 'Johnny on the spot' versus the Dynamo, putting home an Andy O'Brien header in the box.

That adds to the pair of individual awards the club has already won this season. David Ousted nabbed save of the week for his beautiful reaction save versus New England last week, while Sebastian Fernandez and his rocket of a goal in Week 1 was good enough for goal of the week.

  • Former Whitecap John Thorrington is calling it a career. The 35 year old hadn't found a club for this season, but spent 2013 with DC United. His time in Vancouver was underwhelming due mostly to a bloated salary and injury concerns, but he was always an extremely hard worker, and from a media point of view, a really nice guy to work with.
  • Thorrington is now joining the MLS Player Union, you can find the full report here.