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'Caps Unveil New Secondary Kit; What Do You Think?

Fashion Show!!!

The Vancouver Whitecaps have unveiled their new secondary kit, paying homage to their 40 years of history. You can check out the new kit here, but it's basically a 'deep sea blue' with the Bell, Whitecaps and Adidas logos on the front. On the back is the club's 40th anniversary mark, while "Our all, Our honor" is written in the neckline.

I think it looks pretty sharp. I like that they kept the design simple, and stayed with a strong color like deep blue. I'm far from a fashion designer, but in my opinion, these are pretty cool. I've heard some people dismiss them as boring, or overwhelming, but I'd rather the club aim small and miss small with a safe design, than take a huge swing and knock themselves out like they did with those horrible arbutus brown kits.

Anyways, what do you think? Are you a fan of the new kit?