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Whitecaps Add GK Marco Carducci

He's a good Canadian kid!

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

The Vancouver Whitecaps made a smart move today, adding Goalkeeper Marco Carducci as the club's 8th all-time homegrown player signing.

Carducci is well known to Whitecaps fans, and already has an impressive resume that includes two Canadian U17 player of the year awards.

You can see the full Whitecaps press release here.

It's nice to see the Whitecaps turn an eye to the future at the Goalkeeping position, especially after that position was essentially purged by the club at the beginning of the off-season. Many were upset the club was cutting ties with Simon Thomas, another young Canadian, however this takes away a bit of the sting.

Bottom line: If the club didn't do this, it would be seen as a missed opportunity. Kudos to the 'Caps; You can never have too many Canadians. Except at a poutine buffet.