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Poll: Would You Take Camilo Back?

Do you have any love left for the wee Brazilian?

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A recent article from the Vancouver Sun posed the question, could the Vancouver Whitecaps get Camilo back? You can read it here. Basically, it lays out all the problems Queretaro FC is currently undergoing, including not paying their players for over a month, and the possible expulsion from the Mexican Football Federation. With the club owing the Whitecaps a 'multi-million' dollar transfer fee, would the Mexican side have to renege on the deal?

Now, Camilo was arguably the Whitecaps best player last season, and was a fan favorite before he decided to go rogue. Is it possible that the fans could forget his transgressions, and embrace him fully if he indeed were to come back to the club?

To be honest, when I think Camilo now, I think of that ridiculous photo of him giving a thumbs up in a Queretaro kit. Seriously, telling your fans that you're jumping ship via tweeting? I like what Carl Robinson has done in the off-season, especially lately. I'd welcome Camilo back, if only for the club to shop his rights and get something in return for him. I know it's a long shot that he'd return, but even if it was a remote possibility, I wouldn't want him an inch near the 'Caps locker room.

Now, there's no indication from any side on whether this is a possibility, so this is really just for curiosity than anything else. If it was possible, would you welcome Camilo back onto the Vancouver Whitecaps?