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MLS Fantasy Manager 2014 Is Live

Think you know MLS better than us? Could you build a team better than "The Duze"? Prove it in our private fantasy league!

Could you build a better team than this man?
Could you build a better team than this man?
Kim Stallknecht

As suggested by frequent commenter spencer.phinney back when the English Premier League got underway, it's time we here at Eighty Six Forever got involved with this whole "fantasy football" craze. Thankfully, it just so happens the official yearly MLS challenge of cap management and picking the right captain has started up.

On Saturday, February 22nd 15th, I'll be creating a league and updating this post to include the invite code. All I'll need is two pieces of crucial information from you, the readers and assorted rabble:

  1. What should the league's name be? Whether it's a nod to the Cheers in-joke between PLarue, Chris Corrigan et al or some sort of parting shot at Futboldemort, we need a suitably 86F name for our league. I'm open to all suggestions that won't earn us an instant ban from the MLS name-checking committee.
  2. Should the league be Classic or Head-to-Head? I've left this up as a poll question, expiring the day before I create the league. In a Classic league, points are cumulative over the course of a season; whoever has the most points by the time the final whistle blows in October is the winner. In a Head-to-Head league, your fantasy team faces off against another pool member's team each round, much like an actual league. Teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss; the team with the best head-to-head record at the end of the season is the winner.

There is no skill level or previous experience required to play MLS Fantasy Manager and I highly encourage all of you to join up and give it a go. Don't forget to vote for your preferred league type and leave your league name suggestions below!

EDIT: I've bumped the league creation date up to this Saturday, February 15th. This is your last chance to suggest a league name and vote in the poll! Also, just to be clear - to the best of my knowledge, no, Bobby Lenarduzzi will not be joining the pool. I meant "better than Bobby" in the figurative, not literal sense. Apologies for any confusion.