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Have the Whitecaps Found Their Number 10?

The rumor mill is seriously heating up

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It looks like Carl Robinson and the Vancouver Whitecaps aren't done yet. Numerous reports suggest that Chilean attacking midfielder Pedro Morales (no, not that one) will soon join the club. You can read the original report, from

It would be a good news bad news situation for the 'Caps, who would get a 28 year old that has proven himself in the past to be a quality player. However, according to the article and other reports, Morales didn't have a great year, leading the club to move him.

While I haven't seen much of Morales outside of WWE (last one, I promise) scouting reports say he's known for his leadership, which could be a valuable commodity on a young team.

While it's not the slam dunk, huge name that I'm sure a lot of Whitecaps fans were hoping for, it has the potential to be a very good pickup for the club, if it is indeed true.