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Omar Salgado Traded to NYFC, Then Transferred

Salgado's tenure with the club is officially over, as he has been traded to New York City FC, then transferred to an international club

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was a long time coming, and today the Vancouver Whitecaps finally announced that Omar Salgado and the club were parting ways, via a trade and transfer. The 'Caps traded the lanky Texan to New York City FC, who then transferred him to an international club whom has yet to be named. New York and Vancouver will share a transfer fee.

The move officially ended Salgado's tenure in a Whitecaps kit, a truly disappointing time in which he spent much of the time injured. Salgado was just oozing with potential as former 1st overall pick, but he never even came close to achieving it, and his departure feels like the right move for both sides.

Is it fair to call Salgado a bust? For now, given the luster that accompanies going first overall in the SuperDraft. There was a hell of a lot expected out of him and he didn't live up to it. You have to feel for the guy, because it's not like you can fault him for injury. It's unfortunate, but Salgado has a lot of work to do before he can shed the label.

"Omar is a good player with potential; however, both the club and Omar agreed that now is the right time to go in another direction and we wish him all the best," said Whitecaps FC head coach Carl Robinson.

The club never got to see Salgado at his best, and it's unknown if he'll be able to regain his footing on whichever team he does end up on. Hopefully he does; I'm rooting for the kid.

He's still young enough that if he works his butt off and re-discovers his talent, he can still forge a successful career.

Good luck in your career, Omar. We shall miss you, and never, ever, ever score against us. Ever.