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Other Things Jay Demerit Can Do During His Retirement

He's joined the Whitecaps broadcast team and has also dropped in on the Green Men for a visit, but what else could Jay Demerit be doing with his time?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

If you were watching the Vancouver Canucks battle the Calgary Flames a little over a week ago, you were treated to a little injection of Whitecaps flavour. Recently retired Captain Jay Demerit was there, in a green spandex suit, heckling Flames players when they took a penalty and had to do the slow skate over to the Penalty Box. Demerit was an honorary 'Green Man' for the night, joining the two original hecklers, Force and Sully, as they tried to make life difficult for the opposition.

It was nice to see the former Center Back enjoying life and soaking up the Vancouver scene, and it got us over here at Eighty-Six Forever thinking; What else could Jay Demerit be doing with his free time during his retirement? After all, he's young, wealthy and has unlimited time; The sky is the limit!

  • Now that the other two Green Men are retiring, it's time for Jay to make his pitch to replace them. He'll need a hook though, perhaps pulling a Costanza and transitioning to Body Suit Man?
  • If he grows his long hair back, I'm thinking lead singer of a Boy Band. Most of the people in boy bands are in their 30's anyways, right?

  • With hours upon hours to kill, Demerit could go see the new Hobbit movie, and be disappointed over and over and over again!
  • Play Football Manager with Rituro. For the love of God, Somebody has to hang out with that guy
  • Usurp Spike's job. It would be the perfect crime, who would notice?
  • Go fame hungry with his wife, Ashleigh McIvor, like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag did. The celeb couple names could be endless; Jashleigh, AshJay McIvor, um..uh.. okay, actually that's all I got.
  • Stop by the "From the Backline" podcast once in a while (hint, hint)
  • It's time for a sequel to 'The Jay Demerit Story'. This one should be about his meteoric rise to become the third green man, if only for one game. A story of determination, heart, and spandex.
  • Un-retire, join Liga MX, then wait for Camilo to heal so he can foul #37 for Whitecaps fans everywhere. Once carded, promptly retire again.
  • Pull some sort of prank on Don Garber. I don't care if it's as juvenile as a whoopee cushion, just get something done.
Any suggestions from Whitecaps fans out there? Let us know in the comments!