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More Hardware for Pedro Morales

Pedro Morales named MLS Newcomer of the Year

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

After the believed snub of Camilo last year, it was not surprising that Vancouver Whitecaps fans were cautiously optimistic about Pedro Morales being named MLS Newcomer of the Year; especially with US National, and MLS darling, Jermaine Jones up for the award. Nevertheless, Major League Soccer made the announcement this morning that Morales was indeed the Newcomer of the Year.

Pedro Morales was the runaway winner for the award receiving 30% of the 'club' votes, 34% of 'media' votes, and 24% of 'player' votes.

Despite the clear decrease in performance as the season progressed, Morales was the heart and soul of the Whitecaps and as Morales went, so did the Caps. Leading the Whitecaps in goals (10) and assists (12) Morales' value to the team was evident from his first game.

Expectations are building for the Whitecaps, for next season, and Morales is a big part of the increase and will be a key component for the Whitecaps meeting the growing expectations.

Once again, congrats to Pedro Morales on a great first year. We hope to see plenty more!