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Erik Hurtado Wins Whitecaps FC Goal of the Year

The Hurtado-versus-Hurtado final ends like we all guessed it would with (gasp!) Hurtado taking the end-of-year honours.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

A sure-fire way to improve my mood is to watch the Seattle Sounders be made to look foolish. Thankfully, it just so happens that Erik Hurtado - he of the Rufio-esque hair style - provided a Sounders-fooling moment for the ages back on May 24th that has been honoured as the Whitecaps FC Goal of the Year. Let's look at it again:

There are so many things to like about this goal: the interplay between Hurtado, Sebastien Fernandez and Pedro Morales that leaves Hurtado in space on the right flank; the initial move that leaves Osvaldo Alonso out to dry; the follow-up move that dekes both Alonso and Djimi Traore out of their jock straps; and the unstoppable finish that pings off the underside of the crossbar and past Stefan Frei. Oh, and of course, it was scored against Seattle, which was kinda important to do this year.

This was Hurtado's third goal of the year - his third in three games, as Peter Schaad helpfully reminds us during the celebration - marking the midway point of his 2014 goal haul. Five goals in 30 appearances (19 starts) isn't exactly set-the-world-on-fire production for a striker but it's better than the zero goals Hurtado potted in 2013. Fingers crossed this kind of recognition helps spur the youngster into bigger and better things in 2015.