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FTBL Ep. 56 - Season Review

It was short-lived but it gave lots to talk about. Yes, the Whitecaps 2014 playoff run has ended. Mark and Jorge are joined by Rituro to do a post-mortem on this year's season.

Was Geiger right? We chat about it
Was Geiger right? We chat about it
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to FC Dallas in the knock-out round, the Vancouver Whitecaps season was rudely brought to an end.  In this episode Mark, Jorge and Rituro discuss the match, "that" handball by Waston and discuss an important question: was the Whitecaps' season a success?  The short answer is yes!

More importantly there is also discussions about 2015 and what we are in for in the offseason. The season is over but the podcasts will keep on coming!

Also, Mark and Jorge were guests in the Two Solitudes Podcast were they also discussed the 2014 Whitecaps season. Check it out!

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