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Christian Dean and Sam Adekugbe to train with Liverpool FC

Two of the Whitecaps' most promising youngsters are moving on up in the world and training with a (former) Premier League powerhouse.

Stephanie Greene-USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Whitecaps FC announced today that Sam Adekugbe and Christian Dean will be training with Liverpool FC from December 1st to 7th. The two are coming off of a training stint with Rangers FC in Scotland as they continue to prepare for next season. They won’t be available for any matches for the Reds, but with the Liverpool back line performing the way it is, don’t be surprised if one or both of our youngsters are signed by the team in January (I’m kidding, but frankly LFC has been that bad).

The Liverpool Academy is notoriously good at churning out quality players, so Adekugbe and Dean are surely in for a treat. As a Liverpool fan, just being around Melwood training ground would give me jitters, so actually training with the likes of Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling seems unfathomably awesome.