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Sebastián Fernandez Suspended Four Games

Initial two-game suspension increased by two additional games by the MLS Disciplinary Committee, who also levied an undisclosed fine against Fernandez.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On the same day that MLS referee Mark Geiger was named Referee of the Year, the soccer gods have seen fit to ensure no Vancouver Whitecaps support goes through today without an ample load of salt dumped in their freshly re-opened wounds. As per Sportsnet and the Vancouver Province's Marc Weber, Sebastián Fernandez's tirade against Geiger at the end of the Western Conference playoffs knockout/wildcard/play-in match (have we settled on a name for this thing yet?) on October 29th, 2014 has earned the Uruguayan a total of four games suspended and an undisclosed fine.

The initial two games of the suspension come from the red card shown to Fernandez as teammates struggled to restrain him from viciously berating Geiger. According to Weber's article, the red card was officially cited as "violent conduct". (Apparently, the children's rhyme was wrong - names can be as violent as sticks and stones with regards to the breaking of bones.) The extra two games were handed down by the MLS Disciplinary Committee (DisCo) upon further review of video evidence for coming into contact with the referee. They must have better eyes and angles than I do, because I see a lot of animated complaining by Fernandez but no contact. You be the judge:

It should be noted that at the time of writing this post, the Disciplinary Report has not yet been updated with the full four-game suspension for Fernandez, nor has there been any full acknowledgement of the DisCo's ruling on the main site. (UPDATE: posted an article at 3:00pm and posted an article at 3:23pm according to their Twitter feed announcing the suspension.)