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FTBL Ep. 57 - Season Review 2014 | Defenders

We continue to look back at the year that was and this time Mark and Jorge take a closer look and discuss more in detail the 2014 season of the goalkeepers and defenders. Also, do you "look" like a defender?

Steven Beitashour had a solid first season as a Whitecap
Steven Beitashour had a solid first season as a Whitecap
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the offseason for the Vancouver Whitecaps, but that means we're just getting started with the first of our season reviews.

This week's show features an in-depth discussion of the Caps' keepers and backline as well as plenty of MLS news and why you're guaranteed to be a goal scoring phenom if you have a low, protruding brow.

All this and more in Episode 57!

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